Deliberative Engagement

FoodRisC’s researchers have been working on developing a tool that aims to facilitate the efficient and effective deliberative engagement of communicators with their audiences.

Vizzata is an online tool that allows researchers to observe real-time deliberation processes by the general public around risk issues. Specifically, the Vizzata tool will allow the research team to observe how long the participants spend online viewing each of the study items; whether they look up glossary terms embedded in the text; and whether they return to view items they have already viewed.

To find this out, participants will be presented with an example of risk communication containing text, imagery, web links, videos and audio, and are encouraged to ask questions relating to the content of this material. These questions will provide insight into the nature of understanding and into the reasoning processes around risk issues. The Vizzata tool will also enable the research team to observe patterns of information seeking among participants, which are indicative of how lay people make sense of the risk communication.

Vizzata will then be used to characterise the nature of risk/benefit information that participants seek and the behavioural indicators of attention to this information.

Find out more about Vizzata in the podcast with Julie Barnett from Brunel University.

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