1. Key Communications

    The key communications from the FoodRisC project are available to view on this page. These include three podcasts which were recorded at different stages of the project and several webinars, which were recorded at the FoodRisC/EFSA Conference entitled 'New Challenges when Communicating Food-Related Issues.'
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  2. Pictures final FoodRisC/EFSA conference now online

    Click to see the pictures taken at the FoodRisC/European Food Safety Authority Conference ‘New Challenges when Communicating Food-Related Issues’ on 12 September 2013 in Brussels, Belgium.
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  3. Read the final FoodRisC leaflet in 12 European languages

    The final FoodRisC leaflet, reflecting the main outcomes of the project, is now available in Czech, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish.
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  4. Experience the final FoodRisC/EFSA Conference again via the webinars

    Recorded at the FoodRisC/EFSA Conference 'New Challenges when Communicating Food-Related Issues', the following webinars outline the presentations and Q&A sessions that were given on 12 September 2013 in Brussels, Belgium. The conference highlighted key results of the FoodRisC research activities in the past 3.5 years, as well as the experience of key communication experts.
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  5. What are the main results of the FoodRisC project?

    The FoodRisC project has come to an end after 3.5 years. FoodRisC researchers published interesting findings about people's perception and the communication of food risks and benefits in Europe. In addition, FoodRisC created an innovative e-resource centre to help communicators in producing responsive, authoritative and meaningful communications about food-related risks and benefits.
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  6. Press release: FoodRisC project facilitates communication on food risks and benefits

    On 12 September 2013, at the FoodRisC/European Food Safety Authority Conference ‘New Challenges when Communicating Food-Related Issues’, researchers presented key research outcomes, including the FoodRisC e-resource centre on food risk and benefit communication created by the FoodRisC project.
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  7. September 12th 2013: final EFSA/FoodRisC conference

    The FoodRisC Project comes to an end after 3 years of research activities. A final project event was organised on the 12th of September 2013 in Brussels, where researchers highlighted key results of the project. This is of interest to food communicators, regulators, food and drink industry, journalists, social scientists, nutritionists, and health professionals such as dietitians.
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  8. Science Brief: EFSA and ECDC release the 2011 European Union Summary Report on Zoonoses and Foodborne outbreaks

    The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) published the 2011 European Union summary report on trends and sources of zoonoses and foodborne outbreaks. A positive outcome is that the numbers of human cases caused by Salmonella are continuing to decrease. Unfortunately, the numbers of human cases caused by other bacteria, such as Campylobacter and pathogenic Escherichia coli are increasing. These three groups of bacteria were amongst those implicated in food-borne disease outbreaks in the EU in 2011.
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  9. Health risks were not consumers’ first concern over horse meat contamination

    A few days after the initial announcement by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) on the 15th January that horse and pig DNA were found in beef burgers, researchers did an online study and found that consumers were mainly concerned that the claims on labels did not match the contents of the products.
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  10. Communicating Food for Health Benefits

    On 8 and 9 November, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Tarragona, hosted the international event "Communicating Food for Health Benefits" as part of the European research project FoodRisC.
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