The FoodRisC consortium is lead by Prof. Patrick Wall at University College Dublin, Ireland, and consists of 14 partners from 9 European countries. The majority of the consortium partners are research institutes, but there are also partners coming from the communications sector, including small & medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

  • UCD - University College Dublin, National University of Ireland, Ireland
  • US – University of Surrey, United Kingdom
  • UT – University of Twente UT, the Netherlands
  • FC FVS – Research Center, Food and Veterinary Service of Latvia, Latvia
  • UGent – Universiteit Gent – Ghent University, Belgium
  • CIS – Centro de Investigação e de Intervenção Social, Portugal
  • FBC – Focus Business Communications, United Kingdom
  • EUFIC – European Food Information Council, Belgium
  • WO – White October, United Kingdom
  • BL – Brook Lyndhurst, United Kingdom
  • FUB – Free University of Berlin, Germany
  • HYLO – Hylobates Consulting Srl, Italy
  • URV – Asterisc Communication Research Group, Universitat Rovira i Virgili, Spain
  • UBRUN – Brunel University, United Kingdom
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